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 Do you have any old clothes laying around the house that you’ve been meaning to get rid of? Power tools that haven’t been used in years? What about random household appliances or electronics? No matter what the item may be, the public market is the perfect place to sell them!

Garage sales are great, but the crowd size of potential buyers is extremely limited. The public market provides potential sellers with a reliable way to reach a large number of shoppers for an affordable price. 

Renting a space at the public market is easier than you may think. Just show up to the box office in the morning and choose your space size and type of reservation you desire. We offer a daily reservation, which is perfect for people looking to sell some used family goods and we have monthly reservations for people who are looking to regularly sell items. 

We have several different space sizes for you to choose from, such as a regular 20 x 20 space, an “L” shaped space, corner space, premium space, super space and an ultra-space. Each space has a different price based on location and size, which the details can be found on our seller information page. If you’re looking for location layout maps, so you know exactly which spot you’d like before you even show up, simply click on the name of the location closest to you – Glendale, AZ | Concord, CA | Oakland, CA | San Jose, CA | Santa Barbara, CA | Reno, NV.

Our hours vary by location, but we strongly recommend that potential sellers arrive early in the morning. Mornings are typically very busy with sellers lining up to get spots, so the earlier you arrive, the more likely you are to get a prime spot. You can find the hours to a location most convenient for you on our website as well.

Another reason to arrive early is for the morning buyers rush. The public market is usually busy first thing in the morning with buyers looking for the best deals. If you can’t make it when we first open, there is another rush that starts around 12. Just keep in mind that it’s time to clean up at 3:00pm, as most locations get ready for the drive-in at night. If you’re really trying to pick a day where the public market will be the busiest – try selling on one of our event days! 

Don’t be stressed about how your space is setup. Hang your clothes on hangers, put your items on a table, or on the floor; it doesn’t matter because the guaranteed traffic at the public market is the perfect way to get rid of items quickly. No longer will your used goods be taking up space in your house. Instead, you will be leaving stress free with some extra money in your pocket. 

So, take a drive down to your nearest West Wind Public Market, set up shop, enjoy a day of selling and don’t forget to indulge in some family fun at our arcades and concession stand!


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