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Mexican Dancers

What's the Difference?

May 12, 2016

Having worked for West Wind Public Markets for over 18 years, I get asked what we are, all the time.  What is a public market and how does it differ from flea markets and swap meets?   The best way to look at it is that flea markets and swap meets are places that a person rents space to sell their goods to the community.  So where does the public market come in?  Here at West Wind Public Market, we like to differentiate ourselves by being a place that the public comes together for more than just shopping.  

Banda mariachi band

Every weekend, you can find bands playing great music that many customers dance to, playgrounds for the kids, as well as other events like Lucha Libre, face painters,  Easter egg hunts, haunted houses, and much more.




 We have the Capitol Flea Market in San Jose and swap meets in Concord, Oakland and Goleta, California as well as other swap meets in Glendale, Arizona and Reno, Nevada.  


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