West Wind Public Market Blog

Dec 15, 2015

Sometimes in the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle shoppers are determined to grab those door buster buys. Why not keep your wallet happy and save by shopping at the West Wind Public Market?

"Some of its old, some of its new but you'll be paying less of a price here than you will at local department store," said Public Market manager Dwight Price.

When you're checking things off your Christmas list, you'd be surprised as to what some of these public markets may carry.

"People come in here during the holidays basically looking for the same things they do year around. They come in to buy nice things, presents for the kids and the family, and clothes for the kids."

"We have a lot of sellers every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Parking has not been a problem."

The variety is never ending as new things enter the public market daily.

"If you're looking for something today and you can't find it, come back tomorrow. You can find different items everyday.  The same way you do in the antique stores."

You'll find antiques, collectable's, something new or old; it's all in one place.

"You won't find that in many of the retail stores."

West Wind Public Markets have schedules that vary.  Check out the schedules and start your shopping today!

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