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Back-to-School Shopping

Everyone loves a good deal.  For most households, going back-to-school shopping is relatively easy at the local department stores. However, there are many items you can look for at the local swap meet. You can find gently used lunch boxes and clothing as well as brand new socks, uniforms and backpacks.

Here are 3 reasons why shopping at the local swap meet is a great alternative to the local WalMart:

1. Shopping at the swap meet inspires creativity.
When we reuse items, it helps us learn to be creative. There are so many times when I am visiting the local swap meet that I see something for what it could be and I get inspired to take on a crafty project. Shopping secondhand also helps you get creative with your budget when you may not have enough to spend top dollar for the items you want to buy.

2. Shopping at the swap meet teaches our children to be frugal.
We don’t always think about it, but our children are watching our every move.  We can't say one thing and do another. We must model frugality and practical spending so that our children grow up to be responsible adults. 

3. Shopping at the swap meet benefits the local economy.
Most secondhand stores and swap meet sellers are independent and from the communities that they are selling in.  It is very important to support our local economy and shopping secondhand and at the swap meet does just that.

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